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Heart Garden Ministries

Heart healing happens here...

At Heart Garden Ministries, our desire is to see hearts fully healed and brought into freedom and restoration. Our goal is to bring each heart before us into full alignment with Jesus' heart (Ezekiel 36:26). We desire to see you walk in your true identity and fulfill your God-given destiny.


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Encounter Session

During an Encounter Session at Heart Garden Ministries, our goal is simply to lead you to Jesus. He knows how to heal the broken places, and bind up the wounds. He longs to set you free and remove anything that stands between your heart and His heart. 


Jesus Always Shows up

I was completely lost, broken, and hopeless. I thought I was worthless and that I had done too much bad for God to love me or want to use me. I have now replaced those lies with the truth of God's Word and who He says I am. I am loved and I am free. I need Jesus in every aspect of my life and I cannot do anything apart from Him. All through my life He has been there knocking, I just never opened the door to Him until now. Heart Garden gave me an opportunity to be intimate with Jesus and feel the Holy Spirit, to feel true love, God's love. 


I am so thankful to my ministers who poured so much into me. I felt safe, welcomed, and at peace immediately and so I was able to share even the deepest hurts and traumas that I'd never shared with anyone. It felt so good to let everything out and receive the inner healing that I desperately needed. I never felt judged at all, only love and acceptance the entire time. Im so excited to see what the future holds now that I am free from bondage and generational curses!


I was amazed at what Jesus did in my heart during my ministry sessions. My ministers stood with me, patiently, and with the heart of Jesus, ministering to my wounds and took time to connect with me. It truly touched my heart and feel it was a game changer for me. Thank you Jesus for freedom and restoration and thank you for Heart Garden Ministries! This ministry will change you forever!

-Beka W.

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Available for purchase on Amazon, at Red House Coffee, and Restoration House

$14.99 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle, $23.99 Hardback

This book is full of teaching on how the Lord loves to speak to us. We humbly request that everyone seeking ministry from Heart Garden Ministries read Holy Encounters before their scheduled ministry time in order to prepare your heart to encounter Jesus and receive healing.  

"Occasionally, a book comes along that is more than a book; it is indeed a word from God. This is such a book. God has already anointed this book in how it will change the very lives of those intended to read it and do it! In this life, we all walk through loss, heartache, and disappointment. But we don’t do it alone. God is with us every step of the way. Drawing on the author’s extensive research into the biblical lives and our very own physical lives, they have discovered how we can glean wisdom, strength, courage and breakthrough in our everyday trials. This book, “Holy Encounters” will be a powerful and life changing bridge that connects us to the rich heritage of hope and redemption paved  out by Jesus Christ."

---Denise Emerine. Director, public speaker, teacher and overseer of The Greater Toledo House of Prayer and Hope Park Memorial for the Unborn
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